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How do I install Navman My65T?

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Have just bought a Navman My65T installer disc, but it wants to go through Windows, and I use Mozilla Firefox. What do I do to register it?

Excuse the possibly dumb question but I'm 60 years past a teenager.

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When the software mentioned needs Windows it means that it needs a Windows operating system to be able to install and register it properly. Mozilla Firefox is just an application, more precise an Internet web browser which has nothing to do with the installation CD.

In order to register and install the program, you should first use the autorun's menu of the CD and install the software by following the instructions when you start the setup from the interface that pops-out when you insert the CD into the CD/DVD-Rom drive. After this process completes, the software will self-register the device from the moment you plug it into an USB device of your computer. So you see, the installation and the registration of the device is performed automatically without too much user interaction.

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