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I have an LG C800 myTouch with Android 2.3.6. I want to upgrade.

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It seems to be running Samsung firmware, not LG. What can I do to upgrade? I have Go Launcher and the phone was flash-rooted (not by me). Can't even master reset it.

Can someone help me?

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The phone does not have an official update for versions of Android above 2.3.6. The only way to get Android 4.0 is by flashing CyanogenMod 9.

Download the zip and place it on the root of your SD Card or Internal Storage and boot the phone into the Recovery Mode. Select Install ZIP from SD card and choose the zip file. Wait for the phone to upgrade and let it boot. Now you have Android 4.0.

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Make you have clockworkmod installed first and when in recovery mode, clear the cache, factory data reset, and clear the dalvik cache. Failure to do so can end up in a bricked phone, or you will be in a boot loop, and both cant be fixed
THEN choose the zip file and install it. When you reboot, will not have the google playstore. Google "gapps" and download the gapps specifically made for cyanogenmod9.
put the file onto the root of your sd card and install it the same way you installed cyanogenmod 9. now you will have Icecream sandwich and acess to the
google play store, as well as all the other apps like gmail.

asked Apr 30, 2013
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How to upgrade a crappy Samsung Exhibit Galaxy 2?
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please contact me on facebook i will pay what ever you like please teach me

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i have the 2.3.6 but i think my phone is flashed it was working with simple mobile but the data stop working and tryed talking to CS but the keep me in a loop to give them 48 house 3 time already if i update to this 4.0 do u think it would fix my problom

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