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How to delete my SI account?

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Please, help me delete my account.

2 Answers

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Please log in to your account and use the Contact Form and explain the situation. The administration team will take the request in consideration and you will receive a response on your email.

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  1. Just uninstall your SI Client from the system.
  2. There is no other way you can delete the account, as I have been checking those options out.
  3. In case of requirement, just uncheck your mail notifications, till the time the deletion of the account option is found.
  4. I have send a request to the admin to check for the same.
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I don't HAVE the Metric System Client on my computer OR Software Informant but they sent me an email with my login and password? WTF? I have no idea. Firstly I don't want this, and secondly I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR IT. So what do I do? Please, I am begging here. There is no "SI" be it the Metric System or Sofware Informant on my computer. I have triple checked.
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The answer given by Stephen Prastman is the correct one, Vishal Bakhai's thoughts are not relevant to the case at all.
If you haven't signed up for an account, then chances are you don't have one.
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I did not understand the 'irrelevancy' here mate! I gave the point which I was facing at that time, and that is why you would see, that I have 2-3 accounts, which are still reflecting due to the SI Client error. I had deleted the SI Client (uninstalled), and the error is still there my friend!!

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