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Unable to unlock my Galaxy Note I

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My cellphone has been switched off for 2 weeks and now it is not accepting the PIN. I don't even remember my Google ID password. What should I do ?

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I am afraid that you will need to factory reset your phone. You can do this from the Recovery menu that the Android OS has. You can enter Recovery Menu using the Volume Up + Menu + Power Button. Keep these buttons pressed until a service menu appears. From that menu, use Volume Up and Down to select options and navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Perform the operation and reset your phone and all your installed apps along with the customized settings will be deleted. Internal or external storage will remain untouched.

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This is my entry for the free party shoot! I would so love to do one but since me and Ryan are sharing fienncas right now I can't just jump at the opportunity to afford it. Either way whoever wins this would be super great!

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Yea sorz, but you really do need the factory to reset it. It happened with mine, but the factory fixed it and it was really quick. Just don't leave it off to long next time. Also, you may need to get a new PIN and everything.

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