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Re-install Windows 98 on my laptop

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I have a laptop with Windows 7. Can I format HD (without danger for the machine) and install Windows 98? Can I, as in older times, use FORMAT /S ? I am an old DOSser and hope that as long as there is an OS running that still mentions DOS, it will work.

Please give me your opinion and advice.


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You can install it but you will need the drivers and since Windows 98 has been long discontinued, I am afraid you will not find any. As for the format, you can use the format command without worrying.

Also, keep in mind that dual-booting will not be available because of the compatibility issues between Windows 7 bootloader and the old MBR used by Windows 8.

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Thanks Alex for your swift reply.

I don't think drivers are an issue since I'll use the original Win98 CD with the key registered to my name - (I still have Win98 running on a 13 year old Packard Bell machine that I want to discard ) - A dual-boot is not necessary since I own
an Asus All-in-One with Windows 7 and a Medion Laptop with Windows 8, so I can fool around as I like.
Thanks again and greetings.

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