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Is PC Utility Kit a virus? Why did Microsoft direct me to it?

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Is PC Utility Kit a virus? Why did Microsoft direct me to it? Will I get my refund?

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PCUitility kit is & has been running with 2 different tots, like Pete said, however, I have been recommended by one of the fellow Microsoft user that this is all okay. But after checking Pete's answer, I went to the directories found to my horror that the directories get multipled every 3 pc usage days & there are more viruses than usual. Though I found this on of my friends system, I installed MBAM & MSSE & was able to get rid of the situation.

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There are two applications with this name. One is a common utility and the other one is a fake. It provides false information making you buy the application although it does not remove a single virus or problem. Please consider deleting the product. Also, after you perform the uninstallation go to this directories and delete the remaining files:

%CommonStartMenu%\Programs\PC Utility Kit.lnk
%Desktop%\PC Utility Kit.lnk

You can type %AppData% in the Start > Run and you will be taken automatically to that location.

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Hello Diane,I deleted all the XML files as instructed but the old Outlook profile still gets the same error message.Within the short cut you gave me above there are, amongst others, files called: archive.pst 265kb Outlook.pst 8201kb Outlook1.pst 4906945kb and virgin Outlook.pst 761kbCan you advise me what to do. Perhaps remove my current .pst file which I seem to remember was only about 600kb and replace it with Outlook1.pst? If this is your advice can you perhaps be kind enough to remind me exactly how to do this...Many thanks again, Jeremy.

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