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Do you know any safe alternatives to IsoBuster?

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I asked a simple question recently, and you e-mailed me to say it had been answered by Pete Clapp and asked me to comment on his answer. Well, I can't. Your website will not recognize me, despite e-mailing me correctly. I tried to download IsoBuster as you suggested but my installed protection software told me:

"For your security BullGuard has blocked access to this page. The site is listed as a malicious site that may be stealing identity information, plant viruses on your machine or do other harmful things."

The information we have indicate that this site:
- Might install unwanted software on a computer with the intent to make system changes or enable third-party monitoring, without the user's consent.

Do you know any safe alternatives?

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Unable to advice why this site would suggest this way. However for the virus or malicius ware bit, I would suggest you check the site which it is redirecting to, might be your system HAS got some anti virus, since after you stated I have tried to download & it is allowing me, even when I have MBAM installed in my system. Might be due to some trojan in your system, or even might be due to the anti virus at times not allowing certain sites.

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Your security solution is giving you false checks regarding this website or IsoBuster. In no way your computer will get infected by using this website. Also, IsoBuster is a safe application. You might want to change your security solution because if it's giving false reports as this one, it's completely untrustworthy.

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How can I login in as before?

Anyway, back to the initial problem.
I have managed to download and run IsoBuster but the tracks are still horribly distorted when it imports them to my laptop.
The discs play perfectly on other drives, and every other CD I have plays o.k. on this laptop drive.

How can I play them ?

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Though I am not an expert at IsoBsuter, I get the help of my friend to run it properly for me, but after some digging, I hope this might help:    (•More Technical Tab)
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Yes I can confirm that IsoBuster definately has got SPYWARE in the download file (not the website).
Installing it is a security risk. You might get infected, or in the best case the installer will let you opt out of the spyware/addware stuff and hopefully they play nice and don't do anythingn else.

So, do not install it is my advice.

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Yes, I can confirm that IsoBuster contains malware nowadays. Your virusscanner is absolutely right about that.

Alternatives are:
IsoPuzzle (free)
Stellar Phoenix CD DVD Data Recovery (commercial)


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