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How can I delete an app but without losing data?

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I have this app on my iPod that my mom doesn't want me to have, and if she checks my iPod, I don't want her to find it. I want to delete it, but bring it back later without any data missing since I love it. Please help!

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The problem with Apple devices is that these are pretty limited when it comes to data manipulation. If you have a working Internet connection that you can use to connect the iPod to then it's easier to simply re-install it. Also, you can install Dropbox which allows you to back up your data and applications in a cloud server. This means that when you install an application, you have the possibility to back up that application remotely and best of all with a username and password. When your application is deleted, you can use your account from Dropbox to restore vital data.

asked Mar 20, 2013
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Which Dropbox can I install?

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