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I have a "servlink.exe" process running. Where does this come from?

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I have a "servlink.exe" process running. Where does this come from?

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You can get more information here:

Extract from HP base:

You might want to try here for a solution.

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The "servlink.exe" file comes from YourOwnScreensaver website and developer. The executable was tested with the ROOTKIT utility called GMER. At first sight, the process wasn't detected as a rootkit or trojan but most online scanners detect that the file is somewhat infected. You can kill the application from the Task Manager then delete the folder C:\Program Files\YourOwnScreensaver.

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As the Administrator - I got rid of the file by:
1) Start task manager
2) Find the process servlink.exe
3) Right click on file - select open file location
4) You are now in the Program Files - a) ensure the file is shared and if not, share it, rename the file to whatever and enter
5) Go up to the top of the page to Edit and select Move To and select the desktop
6) Rename the file again to strictly numbers - any numbers by right clicking on file again - and enter again
7) Drag the file to the recycle bin
8) Empty the recycle bin.
9) Restart your system.

I have done this several times to get rid of particularly difficult infected files. It loses track of the program by changing the name so often. Hope this helps.

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