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Macro recorder does not work on my virtual private server (VPS) when I minimize or close the VPS window.

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When I record on my VPS using macro recorder it works well and records well, but when I play the recorded file it starts but as soon as I minimize or close the VPS, macro order does not work, it does not follow the cursor movements that I recorded before, in fact the mouse cursor disappears as soon I leave the VPS. Why does it work fine on my own PC but doesn't on VPS?
By the way, I use GoDaddy VPS. What's the solution for that? I have tried many macro recorders, this issue is with all of them.

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Macro recorders work with the active windows found on the PC. You are using a remote control session and the macro application will never work remotely. To work, the application you use to connect to VPS needs to be compatible with your macro recording application.

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