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Is WinFiol 7.3 supported in the remote desktop?

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I am having a problem with WinFiol installation & usage in Windows 2008 R2 64-bit terminal server.
WinFiol GUI does not start when we connect remotely to the server using Windows Remote Desktop.
We are running WinFiol server edition and we have a license for 50 users.

Winfiol is installed to VMware server. It does work when we log in to the virtual machine "locally" using VMware admin tool, but this cannot be used as a remedy.

The problem appears when the user connects from the network with the Remote Desktop Connection tool; we can see that WinFiol process starts, but it doesn't open any GUI or gives any error message. Even when we try to use it with the same user account or with admin rights.

Just the winfiol.exe process starts running in the background and nothing else happens.

Perhaps, the problem is related to ancient Java 1.4 which is shipped together with WinFiol installation CD.

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The problem is not with the VMware, but with the network settings of the VMware machine that's configured. Of course, you will be able to connect locally, the problem is with the remote part. If you want to connect to VMware from another location, you will enter the IP of the VMware machine but Windows doesn't know how to forward the request to the actual machine. You need to configure port forwarding from VMware so that when the incoming requests are delivered, Windows should know where to point them.

For example:

Your Machine :
Vmware Machine: //3389 is the default RDP port.

You will need to configure the settings so that when IP is accessed automatically it points to

Then you will be able to connect your machine. Java has nothing to do here because this is a connectivity issue.

asked Mar 5, 2013
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Remote Desktop issue

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