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The webpage could not open. What to do?

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Dear Sir,

What is error No. 7? The message says that my computer is not connected to the Internet.

I am using 'YOU' Internet. Please tell me what to do!

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Try to open the webpage in some other browser. If the same error appears, there's a problem with the connection.

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Error 7 is related to the Timed Out operation which means that your request couldn't reach the target server. There is a problem with your Internet connection. In this case you should contact your ISP in order to diagnose it.

If you have a USB modem, I suggest you uninstall its support software and then install it again or check its configuration settings. Usually, the configuration settings of these applications get affected by other uninstallers so it's best to uninstall it and then perform a fresh installation.

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Try to open the link on FireFox, if you are already trying in IE. If it still does not work get in touch with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) person & let him know of the ping out problem, which will be then taken up by them.

You can try their site for helping tips.

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