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POLÍCIA Departamento Cibercrime: how to remove this ransomware from Windows?

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I am using Windows 7 and for the past few days my PC seem to be infected with some ransomware called POLÍCIA Departamento Cibercrime. My computer is blocked and I am unable to perform any activities. A message is being displayed on the screen stating to pay a fine of 100 pounds to get the system unlocked.

I am completely confused and frustrated because all my important work and other stuffs are on my PC and I am unable to get rid of this threat. So I would like to know from the people concerned how to remove POLÍCIA Departamento Cibercrime?

Any suggestions will be greatly acknowledged!

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Please restart the computer into Safe Mode by continuously pressing the F8 key after the boot sequence. Before doing this, please download GMER. It's an anti-rootkit utility with the ability to scan the files and kernel pages.

Once you are in Safe Mode, start GMER and perfom a scan of your files using the Scan button. You will need to delete all the red items that you find. Right click them and choose Delete for all the entries available. After you finish this process, restart the computer and the ransomware will stop from loading. Then you can use your favorite antivirus solution to clean the remaining items, if there are any.

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POLÍCIA Departamento Cibercrime is a newly-released ransomware that intends to extort money from the PC users who are vulnerable to cheats by using the scare tactics – locking users’ computer system and displaying a warning message which accuses the users of violating laws. Once your computer gets infected by this ransomware, you should get rid of it as early as possible. Here is the guide how to remove this threat:

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