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How to create a social networking website?

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If you are willing to create your own social network, you can also try:

1. Phpfox – Social Network Community

It is considered to be one of the best networking scripts. If you are looking for the design which will resemble Facebook, then this script is absolutely for you.

2. BuddyPress

For those who are in love with Wordpress. This script will satisfy any of your requirements.

3. JomSocial

This platform is one of the most popular ways for creating web based services. It offers you a great variety of necessary features.

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A social networking website might be a little hard to create since it requires coding, design, PR and optimization knowledge. This isn't something that can be achieved by a single man. Look at Facebook for example, the infrastructure regarding people and the hardware is immense. If you have some money and you're ready for a small investment, I advise Ning. Ning is a virtual platform that allows you to create your own social networking website, giving you all sort of tools to accomplish that.

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WordPress is a very good way to create your own social network site.

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Hey making a social networking site is not so hard but hardest thing is that to optimize it.. you can make it in any one of them as it is suggested.

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here are some sites:
I prefer the most you can not only make a site but add videos , music to it. I made best website from it.

There are more go here:



Long Links these days. LOL.
Ok Thanks,
Hope it's helpful to ya.

Dark Rock

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Hello Emmy,

Creating your social networking website can allow you to connect friends and families, rediscover old acquaintances and share information with each other. Setting up your account in these sites is quick and easy and should only take a few minutes.

Well it is not easy to create your own social networking site; it requires some technical skills and good understanding of coding, designing etc. Before starting any site, you need to have clear idea of what it is you think the audience in a specific niche would like. However for more details about creating a social networking site you can visit simple website tutorial, where you get detailed information about it or you can Google out some more sites as well.

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