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Polaris Office documents removal

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How to delete some Polaris documents from my mobile phone?

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Pollaris Office documents are not saved in some special folders, instead, these can be accessed from the SD card or the local storage. You can use any file manager to delete them (the default one or a custom file manager).

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Dear Good Morning

I have purchased a Galaxy Samsung Tab and having a very frustrating trying to delete not only my emails (which returns after beginning deleted) and how to deleted unwanted letters....!

When I purchased the above item they set me up with Polaris, told me it would be very easy to use, but still struggling to understand so I have downloaded 144 pages, to see if this would help me which I feel is a bit mind boggling.

Also I would like to find how to put my letters, photo's etc; into their own Folders?

Please can you help me sort this problem or maybe suggest where I can seek help locally.


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To delete polaris office files, bring up Polaris Office where you access your docs. Press 'w' or other sign in bottom left corner until white box comes up. Delete, cancel or yes, push yes and you are done! Make sure you want to delete it, cos don't know if you can reverse the process!!!

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