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Heritage Quest Census disk problem

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I have a Heritage Quest Census disk purchased over 10 years ago. When I try to run the viewer program to open the disk contents, I get the following error:

"MainHqRes.exe" is not found.

Can you help me make this disk usable again?

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The product has been discontinued and there is no additional information for this. I believe that the error you're having is caused by a new operating system. You are trying to run the CD in a newer operating system and in most cases it will not work because the product is a bit old and it doesn't comply with newer versions of the OS. I suggest you copy all the contents of the CD in your computer and then set compatibility mode for the application you are trying to run or revert back to the operating system you were using before.

There is also a possibility that the CD is scratched and it cannot read the files anymore.

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