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split a flash movie in small flash files

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Install the following software & use the same to distribute 1 flv into many without converting them. (Software is called Super 2013 Build 55).

This program can split a large FLV into smaller parts and keep it as a FLV file.

Once you install and open this converter you will see at the top 3 oblong boxes, each has a drop down menu.

1st: Drag your flv file into the processing (grey) area of the the program.

In the 1st box select the 'swf or flv (Flash)'

In the 2nd box select 'flash video'

In the 3rd box select 'mp3'

Once these are set look at 'Video box' at the extreme right hand side you will see the 'options' box. Click the tab named 'other options'. Another box will pop up.

Tick the box 'do not encode the first' (enter the number of seconds)


Tick the box 'encode only for a total duration of' (enter number of seconds)

Or you can view the image tutorial at either:


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Not sure which way is useful to split a large flash movie? Maybe you can try a video splitter from Joyoshare. I have used it for a long time to cut any videos and audios I need. There is no problem to split movies into smaller files. What matter is that it outputs 100% original quality and offers fast trimming process. Don't worry! This tool supports many formats, such as FLV, ASF, F4V, SWF, MP4, MP3, AVI and more.

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