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How to unlock Windows 7 password?

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How to unlock Windows 7 password? I have lost my Windows 7 password by accident. Can you please, help me?

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To unlock Windows 7 password, you can actually use the third party tool such as the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0. It is a professional Windows password reset program also the Windows password remove tool. With it, you can unlock password on Windows 7 easily and quickly.It is easy to use and need only 3 steps.

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Option 1: Unlock windows 7 password from safe mode directly.

  1. Restart the locked computer and boot it from safe mode.
  2. On log on screen, click the Administrator and leave its password column blank to log on to Windows 7.
  3. Now you can easily and quickly remove your forgotten Windows 7 password from “Start->Control Panel->User Accounts” easily.
    (Note: Any change to the defaulted administrator will make the forgotten 7 password removing process in this way a failure.)

Option 2: Unlock windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0.

Step 1. Download, run the downloaded file to install Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 on any PC you have access to.

Step 2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive with this tool .

Step 3: Unlock windows 7 password with the burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

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To reset Windows 7 password is not difficult,you just need to choose a reliable recovery software.A video tells you how to operate step by step:

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A great post about Windows 7 password unlocker can help you.

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  1. Recover Windows 7 password by lusrmgr.msc:

    Step 1. Click 'Start' button and enter 'lusrmgr.msc' into the Search box, and then press 'Enter'.
    Step 2. Double-click 'Users' on Local Users and Groups page.
    Step 3. Right-click your target account and then click 'Set Password'.
    Step 4. Type and confirm the new password, and then click 'OK'.

  2. Take use of Anmosoft Windows Password Reset(
    Step 1. Download and install Windows Password Reset on any available computer.
    Step 2. Create a Windows 7 Password Reset disk.
    Step 3. Reset Windows 7 password on your locked PC.

  3. Change Windows 7 password with a password reset disk

With a password reset disk, you will never be in trouble when lost or forgotten Windows 7 passwords and can login your lovely Windows 7 again within seconds. Creating a Windows 7 password reset disk is a compulsory thing for each Windows 7 PC user.

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For this common problem, you can use a password reset disk if you have created it. However, we can create a universal Windows 7 password reset disk without any password. It can unlock Windows 7 admin and user password without data lost.

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A Windows 7 password can easily get decrypted with the right tools. In this case, Ophcrack is the best and easiest solution available. You need a USB device and the LiveCD image (ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.4.0.iso) from the official website. Once you acquire this image, plug in the USB device and use something like MagicISO to open the image then Burn > Burn image to USB drive and that's it. Restart and boot from the USB. The process is automated and once the Live session starts you will see an application which displays all the passwords to the available users on a system.

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When you lose your Windows 7 password and want to unlock it, two simple tools you can use. The first one is "Ophcrack", but maybe it is a little complex for newbies. So another one called Windows Login Recovery is more suitable when you are not good at computer.

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For this problem, you can use a password reset disk if you have created 7 system is quit good , i used win 7 Pro in my lap top , bought in ,at first , i doubted if it's legal ,because the price is so low , until now ,i have used for several months in my laptop , i works good ,it really saves me much money.

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