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YouTube FLV file plays badly after conversion to MP4

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I have a number of YouTube FLV files converted to MPEG-4 using Full Video Converter Free 9 as well as Total Video Converter. While the converted files play well in their default settings on RealPlayer, WMP, VLC, QuickTime or GOM, the video contents are invariably played hazy, blurred and out of focus when the videos are viewed in, say, RP's 'Full Screen' mode, although there is no issue playing the audio contents themselves. In a few of the cases, however, none of the audio and video contents would play when the files are played on VLC or WMP. I am totally foxed what has gone wrong and where.

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in my opinion FLV video format is the lowest, that's why it is easy to upload to youtube. so to convert to MPEG-4 is impossible if possible but the video will not look perfect

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The problem you've encountered is caused by wrong conversion.

Download and install Handbrake as it's a versatile application allowing you to convert files with advanced features and intuitive interface.

Select the input video, choose MP4 as the output format, change the resolution if you want and perform the conversion.

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