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Thanks again but Garmin is not playing the game.

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Hi again!

Thanks for your help but I suspect that Garmin actively makes it difficult/impossible to use anything but their own maps in their gps. This seems very shortsighted. I often have to find the line of a proposed road or the limits of a planned housing development in wooded areas. It would be a fantastic help to be able to transfer the dwg file to the gps and check out where I am as I go. I think that I will have to try another approach, perhaps over google maps.
I wasn't able to find any help in the Garmin manual but as I say I don't think Garmin wanted to help out!

Thanks again, I appreciate your help and advice.
Cris D.

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Instead of trying to bring your own maps or content to the Garmin device you could also perform an automatic update using the software from the support CD. It will update your maps and anything you select to update. This could also save you from trouble of transferring additional files, tweaking settings etc. Please look for the corresponding software on that CD.

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