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Windows 8 with old game discs problem

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My grandmother just purchased a new laptop with Windows 8 installed. Her favorite game is the Nodtronics package with over 1000 games and all of the games she plays from this disc give an error when I try to install them.

"Program Execution Failed.
Access Denied."

I have tried running as admin, running in compatibility mode and I have searched online for solutions, but couldn't find any.

Please help!

She's really unhappy and wants to go back to her 500 year old laptop that's slower than a wet week!

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The official developers of the product you possess recommend that you use Compatibility mode for the discs you have. They recommend the Administrator option (eg. Run as Administrator) but as I can see their recommendation is only limited to the Windows Vista operating system. Of course, newer products received Windows 8 support but if you say that the discs are old, no matter what you will do, you will not be able to open the applications or games from the discs due to compatibility issues. You could try the dual-booting option to install another operating system compatible with those discs (Windows XP, Windows Vista) because there's no other possibility. As for the updates, I can't find them on the developers website.

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