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Password Reset request.

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How does one reset the Password in answers.informer? I find it impossible to do. I have requested a password reset at least 5 times and the information I received did not work. I was given a Code for each request but when it was entered it said 'incorrect code' each time? Because of this I can't log in to Answers Informer. If this continues I may as well uninstall the program.

Your assistance in this matter will be appreciated.

Durl B. Grant

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I have sent the feedback to the team & asked them to assist you in getting back to the forum. Let's see what happens.

Hope it helps.

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The password recovery feature works as it should. You can see in the picture below. When the URL has been clicked, I managed to reset the password. Please make sure that you also check the SPAM folder when you request the reset link.


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