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will qqCDR support for Cisco 8.5

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I want to know if qqCDR will support the new version of CUCM 8.5 CDR reports?

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Yes, qqCDR is able to read reports from Cisco 8.5. Just export the reports with Call Detail Reporting then you can use qqCDR to read and manage those reports.

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Thanks for the response Julia, In Cisco 8.5 we have Informix database but the qqCDR is using SQL server authentication, can you please suggest how to proceed for Informix database, in  old versions of CCM Cisco was using SQL server but after 8.0 this has been changed. Plz help on this.
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Yup, that's Cisco alright and I can atstet to your experience. Competitive advantage is what it's all about. Besides, most companies I know don't bother patching their Cisco gear. We're lucky if they patch the Internet facing gear. Sure we never hear about these kind of break-ins because the type of people that hack routers aren't trying to rack up a few points on so they can brag to their friends. He who owns the router is god because they redirect DNS requests and redirect email. If you can redirect email you can easily make requests for digital certificates for putting up fake SSL servers or even get a code signing certificate.

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