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How can I tell if someone inserted an IP tracker into a webpage?

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I have recently been told that a web-page link sent to members of my online group by one of our members contained an IP tracking software. I've run every free scan I could think of on the URL and came up with nothing so far. Some people in the group are now experiencing major computer problems, and have noticed malware now injected into their home page. Where can I go/what can I do to not only ensure that the link itself is clean, but also, if this person has done such an attack and is collecting IP addresses as well as inserting malware into user's pages, what can be done, who should be contacted to ensure that this person does not continue to do so?

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Collecting IP addresses isn't a big problem as you can't do anything with an IP address nowadays except DDOSing. This is a technique used less and less nowadays and you shouldn't worry about it. On the other hand, contacting your local administrator will solve this issue because they are able to block the IP address from spreading through network. Also, they can also deploy remote anti-virus measures across the network and they can analyze the traffic in your LAN for potential threats.

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