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Can I use Epson XP 605 with Windows XP on my computer?

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Can I use the scanner on my Epson XP 605 with my computer which runs Windows XP?

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The product has support for Windows XP for both 32 and 64bit. Please download the official drivers and install them accordingly. Then you can use you printer to its full capability.

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I have downloaded the Epson Scan and followed the instructions I think but the scanner still says "computer for WSD scan not found" I am very new to wifi somaybe i'm not doing something right. Help!

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Let me get this straight: you cannot use the WiFi function for your scanner?
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I am new to wifi (I am 75 years old) but thanks to your help I have now managed a scan successfully.
Thank you and Happy Christmas. AMR

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I am glad that I've helped you.

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