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How to disable the sound of my camera on my Sony Xperia SL?

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The camera on my Sony Xperia SL takes shots with an irritating sound and I want to disable it. Actually, I don't want to disable the sound of all the apps on the phone, only of the camera. Is it possible?

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I'm on Xperia Pro, but it's probably all the same on yours: press the Menu button whilst you're in the Camera app and pick this option:

Shutter Sound

Just set it to 'Off' and you're done.

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Indeed, there isn't a big difference between your phone and his, but you don't know if you're both using Android versions released in the same country which changes everything. The screenshot above is from Android 4.0.X, but you will be surprised if he lives in another country where that option is invalid for his stock ROM.
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Well judging from SL having been released in 2012 with 4.0.4 on board ( ), and the Jelly Bean update still being far in the blue yonder, I kind of surmised it was a safe bet as well. The number of countries where this would be invalid (as opposed to the number of countries where this would work) is quite negligible.
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you could just simply set the phone on silent mode till finishing the capturing.

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I think you will beable to because you can pretty much take the sound off of everything.

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Disabling the shutter sound is not possible as it violates some laws in a few countries and Sony takes this very serious when it's about privacy. By default you can only change the sound to another one and that's it. Some custom ROMs have this possibility to completely disable the sound of the camera when you take a picture or record something.

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The said 'laws' are only enacted in Japan and South Korea (and the said option is removed from those handsets altogether). There was a US bill proposed back in 2009, but it never went through. So... I'd guess it's a safe bet that if you *can* disable the shutter sound, it's quite legal to do so.

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