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DOCX file and browsing issue

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There is a .docx document on an application. When I access the application using Internet Explorer 8, the document doesn't open directly and asks to download a ZIP file.

I am aware that we need Microsoft Office 2007 to access such a new format file but when I access the same app with Mozilla Firefox, I can access the same document
directly and it doesn't give the option to download in the ZIP format too.

Can you please let us know if I can access the same document in Internet Explorer without the option to open or download in the ZIP format?


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Firefox, has the inbuilt compatability version downladed into it, however, IE requires you to get those version downloaded & installed. Search the net & you will get the IE version for the same.

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This is a problem and a bug with the Trusted Zone. Please add the website to the Trusted Zone and then refresh the page. The option to download the file as ZIP no longer appears and you can use your document accordingly. This is indeed an issue with Internet Explorer 8. It is also a problem with MIME types, which you cannot fix if the file is access from another server. This is a complicated fix and it's rarely used.

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