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Smart migration software

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I would like to upgrade my notebook hard disk by 2,5" Samsung 512GB 840 Pro Series Basic SATA 3.

I have a few questions :

1. Which software do you recommend to migrate my existing boot Hard disk to the new SSD drive?
2. Which risks are involved?
3. Can I still go back to my existing hard disk and use SSD drive as a data drive?

I have Toshiba HD, Type ST9500420ASG. My notebook is a Dell Precision M6500, Processor Intel i7 CPU Q820 @1,73Ghz 1,73 Ghz with 4GB installed memory and Windows 7 32-bit operating system.

Can you give me any answer?

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You can clone your old hard disk using a backup and restore application, something like Acronis True Image because beside backup features, it also has Disc Cloning support. That means you will need to format the SSD firstly. Use the application, make an image of your boot partition/hard disk, then use the restore option and deploy the image to the SSD. You will need to enter Bios and change the order of devices in order the laptop will know from which device it should boot, in your case, the SSD.

There are no risks involved as the original data remains in its place and if something goes wrong, you can always go back to Bios and change boot order to boot from the old hard disk.

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