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Can I send videos from Nintendo 3DS to YouTube?

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Can I upload videos from Nintendo 3DS to YouTube?

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You can upload the videos by saving them to your SD card then plugging the SD card to the computer using a card reader. You can use the web interface of Youtube to upload your videos. Please be aware that the recorder videos will be in 3D format. Of course, Youtube supports the 3D format but you will need special glasses to watch the videos you have recorded. Youtube supports audio and videos codecs used by Nintendo so it shouldn't be a problem making them available for public or personal use.

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Save the videos on the SD card. Place the memory card in to a compatible SD Card reader and on youtube press publish. Press Upload and find the memory card in the ¨computer¨ folder.
Open the dcim folder and find your video. You may also create a picture slideshow with the images in the DCIM folder.

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