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How to remove FileConverter toolbar?

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How to remove FileConverter toolbar?

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In most cases, the removal procedure of toolbars is the same. From my experience, I can show you some general steps how to remove a toolbar from your browser and computer.

Please follow these steps carefully and rely on a browser where the toolbar is installed:

  Mozilla Firefox: go to `Tools > Addons > Extensions`, locate the toolbar and click `Remove`.

    Google Chrome: click the menu in the upper-right area (under the close button), then go to `Tools > Extensions` , locate the toolbar and click the bin icon        
    Internet Explorer: go to `Tools > Manage Addons > Toolbars and Extensions`, locate the Toolbar and click `Disable`.

    Safari: The toolbar is only available for Mac OSX and you can uninstall it by opening Applications folder and dragging its icon to the Thrash.

Some toolbars are also available in the Add & Remove Programs from Control Panel of your computer. These can be also uninstalled from that location.

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