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Is there any open source software to convert dwg files to dxf which supports linux redhat and centOS.

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I need a software to convert my .dxf format files to .dwg format having command line support and should support linux redhat and centOS. I have tried with:

  1. Teigha File Converter(provided by ODA).
    It works fine with windows and linux open suse11.2 but Does not support linux redhat and centOS.

  2. dg-convert(By Lx viewer)
    It has so many dependencies like DrawingDirect libraries, QT development libraries etc which I cant find anywhere.

So I will be grateful if somebody suggest any other software which support my criteria or give me some other way.

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The answer is: no.

DWG file format is licenced by Autodesk and is not compatible with open source.

There are free software libraries and reverse-engineering implementations, but you may not use them in your open-source programs.

Hope you know that "free" is not equal to "open source".

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QCAD is an open source CAD for Windows Linux and MAC.

It is open source, so you can get the sources and it can open some common CAD formats, like DXF and DWG.
What I don't know is whether the software is able to save in these two formats.
See also this thread and the library dwg2dxf

Some specific file format support seems to be available only on QCAD Professional only

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