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What are the benefits of the Software.Informer client?

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Could you please tell me the advantages of installing Software Informer client? Can it detect viruses? Can it tell me what is the problem with my software?


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This client & site only links you to the wrodl of softwares, latest, old. One of the best things about SI is that it provides a complete list of even the oldest versions which were available, though some might not work due to the links no longer valid by the publishers & developers.

Thus I agree with Andrew that the SI is not a AV programme or a Malware sercher, yes, it updates you on those wares everyday though.

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Software's Informer client is used to provide latest updates for the installed applications and drivers on your computer. It provides links, latest versions and a list of all the applications with details about each one. It's not an antivirus solution though and it's not a software diagnostic utility.

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