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How to use PBX with Axvoice?

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I have one Axvoice line. There are two numbers in my account. I want to use PBX and run this line on two computers. Question is how to do it?

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You don’t need to use it on two computers simultaneously. Instead, there’s a work around and an easy solution. You should configure your Asterisk server or any IP-PBX in a way that allows you to route your Axvoice calls between two devices. In fact I found the following link on Axvoice site, which gives you an example of how to achieve this This is cheaper and better way than spending money on two computers.

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I believe the account is limited to one computer only. It doesn't matter how many numbers you have attached to the account. On the other hand, try and install the application on both computers and login using your details. If it works then there is no additional configuration needed. Place calls from both computer and assign those numbers to each computer. It is most likely possible that you will be able to use it even if it is the same account. If you encounter errors then the account can be used on a single computer only.

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