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Do you have a Pad Hunter ?

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How do I upload a PAD to your site?
Do you have a PAD hunter?

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If you want to notify Software.Informer's servers to update with a certain software then you need to download the client and install it on your computer. Also make sure that you have your software installed. When you run the client, it will automatically scan your computer for updates and for all the applications. Please be aware that when you install the client, you will be asked if the client can send data about software installed on your computer. No sensitive data is collected such as serial numbers, credit cards, purchases, etc. If you click NO to that windows you will not be able to "upload" your software to the servers.

If you choose to allow the client to update the software's list then the servers will receive the data and add an entry to the database and a contributor will soon review your software using official information from your developer page, in case it's found in the online environment.

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I have several software on my machine - each are having a different PAD file, but all of them are not loaded on your site - in such situation, how does it work ? And, I am afarid, your client might transfer my sensitive data  - who will certify ? Is not a PAd upload much safer and standard process ? What are the reasons that you did not adopt the standard process of PAD upload as required by the ASP ?
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I am not entitled to answer these questions because they are out of my area. If you want additional info please use the contact form for future reference. The administration team is more qualified to answer all your questions.

Also please read Terms & Privacy if you have any concerns related to security matters.

Contact form:

Thank you.
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You can read FAQ on the Software Informer website concerning the question:

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