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Ripping my iPod

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I have a new PC and I want to rip my iPod. I have an iTunes library on this computer and want to know if I need to delete the library prior to ripping the iPod to the new computer.

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If you have a new computer and the iPod has never been synchronized before then yes, you will need to delete the library in order to synchronize the iPod to the computer and only then you can rip the files back to the computer. This is the only inconvenience when you're using an Apple product. If you have a device and a new computer, the playlist needs to be deleted before you can actually use the device for different operations.

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I used a program called TouchCopy to rip my music from my iPod to my new computer. Worked really well and it saved my playlists, videos and photos too.

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Why use iTunes?
Here is an alternative for iTunes, Syncios free, you don't need to pay any money for it.
You just install this software on your PC and connect your iPod to PC. So you can transfer all your iPod data to PC.

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