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Do I need a printer in order to get through the convert from Microsoft Word to a PDF

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No, we don't need a printer while we converting a word document into pdf. You just complete your document in word and then give print command (ctrl+p) and then check promopdf is selected or not. If not selected, select the PromoPDF. Then click on print. A new window will appear that ask you to where you want to save your document and type the name of the pdf file. Then click on save button.

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There are lots of online free solutions available to convert Word files in PDF. So simply open the google and search convert word to pdf online free and you will see lots of sites. Choose any one which you like and browse the Word file and convert it. It will take few second and after that, it provides a download button of PDF file. If it helps you please vote it.

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With online MS Word to PDF converter tool, you can easily convert the MS Word files to the PDF file format. In case you have bulk MS Word documents then you should prefer third party software.

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No, you don't need a printer or printer drive to save the word document as PDF(or convert word document as PDF). You neither need any converter tools to do so. Here is how you can convert a word document to PDF

  1. Open the active document you want to convert as PDF
  2. Press Ctrl+P to open the print dialogue box
  3. Here in the printer name/Destination option, select save as pdf
  4. Click on Save and assign the destination you want to save the file as pdf

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