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What are the must-have programs for a notebook?

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Well, it all depends on what purpose is laptop for. If you want an Office alike environment then you must have Office or Open Office package or similar text editors, if you want music and video then it should be equipped with video and audio players for high end performance and so on. The choice is yours based on what do you want to do with the laptop.

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The basic apps for a freshly installed operating system on a notebook are related to the work you're doing but you can go this way as a base regarding applications that need to be installed.

You can install Chrome or Firefox as browsers, Winamp and VLC as video and audio players, Adobe Reader for PDF files, Avast antivirus, Eset Antivirus or AVG for the system protection against active threats, CCleaner for uninstalling and registry cleaning.

As an addition, you could make use of the Total Commander to manage the files more easily, ImgBURN to burn image file or Nero for a multi purpose burning operation (data CD/DVDs, audio CDs, etc.).

These are practically the base applications that are recommended to be installed on a notebook.

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