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How can i copy the program and files to send to another computer via email?

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I've always just zipped up (7-zip or windows built in zipper) the ProventureInvoices folder in "C:\program files (x86)\" on a 64bit windows, or just "Program Files" in windows thats 32bit (95/98/XP). I've used this method to install this software on Windows 7/8/10 since the CD doesn't accept installing on a 64bit operating system. Although if you have large databases some email providers don't accept large attachments. In this instance, I've just used google drive to upload/download the files. It's as simple as unzipping to the Program Files folder (use x86 folder on 64bit windows) and you can launch EasyInv.exe from there.

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You can use the attachment option available in your email provider. It is usually represented by the paperclip symbol. The attachment file size limit usually is 25MB. You can also just drag and drop the attachment files into the mailbox to send it to other person.

Hope this helps!

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you can use wetransfer for bigger file size limits

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