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Easy File Employer does not work properly

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After Easy File Employer version 6.1.3 has been successfully installed it does not take me to the Login screen and shows a window saying 'processing'. Once it times out it then allows me to log in or restore backup but immediately freezes (not responding).

What could the problem be? I am running Windows 7, Adobe Air version 3.4 and Java 7.9.

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Hi did you manage to find the solution to your problem, because I have the same problem.

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As it has been encountered along the release history, it seems that the software has problems with different operating systems. My advice in this case, is to try and check for latest updates and service packs because these problems might get resolved once you perform updating. Contrary, try and install a prior version of the software, one you know it worked because I have seen users saying that this was the "quick-fix" to these problems.

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I am trying to install e@syfile Employer vers 6.1.3 on a mac book running XP in Virtual Box
The installation runs fine and it gets to the same page, comes up with

Please wait while e@syfile is updated

e@syfile will automatically close when complete! Please RESTART e@syFile to complete the operation

processing and a little window in the bottom RH corner that says

E@syFile 6.1.3 for Windows is now available. Please select "Update" from the application menu, or alternatively download the full install version from Please note online submissions using version 6.1.2 and prior versions will no longer be possible. Please note that SARS is aware that certain Anti Virus programs impact on the running of e@syFile. Please consult the SARS website ( in this regard for the workaround solution.

It just hangs at this point and goes no further. I have to close from the tab to stop it.

Any ideas

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