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Converting AVR files

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Is there a converter available to change AVR files into MPEGs or AVIs? We use the video clips in accident investigation and training. It would be much easier to work with MPEGs and AVIs than AVR files.

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There is a tool which can help you convert(demux) your AVR files easily but to achieve the goal to convert the AVR files to AVI it implies the use of another software because the tool can only demux files. Project X is the utility you need to do that and for the conversion you can choose Guardian Knot to properly encode the demuxed files.

Download and open the required programs and start Project X. Connect the recorder to the PC and browse the drive in Explorer and add the files to Project X. After you select the parts of the video, press on Quickstart to start the process. Once it's finished you will load the exported files into Guardian Knot from where you choose the exported file format.

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