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Best effective windows password recovery software?

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Downloaded Ophcrack from Informer website and it still doesn't find my password after running 2 days. Please recommend a password recovery software for Windows 10. I forgot my login credential and need help from your guys.

P.S PassMoz LabWin is the best after testing 5 programs.

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All i know :
1:Login Microsoft account and set up a new password on computer .
2:asking Microsoft for a help , whihc can helps you make a bootable disk and boot your locked computer without password .
3:trying NT password or Passfollk (If you don't think the NT password  reset program is too complicated).
4:Install a new OS directly.
Any of the above methods can help you solve this problem

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Many of my customers have complained about Ophcrack , which can works on Windows 7 ,but not Windows 10 ,and no explanation has been given,windows password recovery like the Kon-Boot,ONTP&RE and Passfolk can help you .

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who uses Ophcrack these days ,it's an old tool, maybe it works for those who use Windows 7 or Windows 8 ,
For Windows 10 , you'd better ask new password recovery tools help for help .

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PassMoz LabWin is known to be good, thanks for sharing your experience.

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