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I have been a user of Jammer Professional - now I have problems in using (playing) it on a new laptop. Please help!

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Several years ago, I purchased the JAMMER Pro programme. It had the personalized Serial Number JP6-5M9-LSC5-U646-601X. After computer collapse and/or change of computer, I lost the programme, so I bought a CD containing the programme. This CD has this number: "JAMMER Pro v6 Serial # JP6-YTY-4T26-XZFB-601X". After installing it on a laptop, I'm still not able to play it audibly. When I try it, I get the Message that I have to Select my MIDI Device(s). But my computer has no MIDI Devices. Can you help me? Could you send me a Version that functions without a MIDI? As you understand, I've already paid twice for Your programme - I hope I can skip a Third payment…
I'm sure you will find my name in Your Archives...

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It's better to contact the developer at official website regarding your license key and MIDI issue.

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