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Problem printing Labels from Microsoft Works on Cannon Printer MV4450

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I have a Dell Computer with Windows XP 2002 service pack and a Cannon MF 4450 printer. I have some return address labels I want to print. I have Microsoft Works.
I have put the information in Works - and when I look at the print preview it shows the labels as having the information on each label the way it should look. However, when I print them, they are printed in the middle of the sheet with teensy-weensy print. The number of labels is correct, but the printing is only in the middle of the sheet and very tiny. Obviously I'm missing something but I don't know what.

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The software and the printer are OK in this case but try to set the output printing to match the format paper you make use of. The software is configured to print on a different format of the paper and so it believes that the format is bigger than the one supported and so it prints smaller texts. Before you print, click and select your printer then Preferences > Layout > Advanced and from the drop-down menu Paper size choose the one your printer supports. Also, perform a print preview without any zooming effects enabled to check the output and match the settings for future printing. As I've already said, it's not the software's fault but the improper settings configuration regarding the output of printing.

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