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How do I sync my outlook calendar with my LG smart phone?

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What software is needed to sync my outlook calendar with my LG P999 smart phone?

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One convenient way to sync your Outlook Calendar with your LG phone is to use the BitPim program. The application is available for download at this link: After you install the program, you should connect your portable device to the PC by using its data cable, or, if that is available, a bluetooth connection. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, in order for the process to function, it requires you to have installed the most recent drivers for administrating your LG telephone.

Following these preliminary steps, and after you open BitPim, go to the "Edit" menu. There, you should select "Detect Phone." There is a chance that the program might not properly recognize your phone. In that case, you should access the "Settings" menu, and then browse through to see if there were any errors that the program encountered on the communication ports. If you still cannot find the phone, then go to the "Device Manager" section in the Control Panel of your Windows system, and check if there is an error under "Ports." If, indeed, there is, then it means you still lack the appropriately updated drivers.

After your phone will have been detected, you should access the "Get Phone Data" option in the "Data" menu. In that section, you are able to select the data that you wish to import from your Outlook Calendar. Next, you should select the sequence "File" => "Export" => "vCalender," and then the application will enable you to save the output file wherever you want (of course, it is preferable to keep it in a conveniently visible place). In Outlook, select "File," after which, "Import and Export," then "Import a VCALENDER file," and click on "Next." After you have gone through these steps, you should select and open the BitPim file that you had previously saved, and your data from your phone should be in sync with that on your Outlook Calender.

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