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Is Coges KDati 3.76 compatible with Windows 10?

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We are using the Coges KDati 3.76 , and we will change to Windows 10, we need to know if it's compatible with Windows 10.

Could you please confirm?

Thank you very much.

Maheva Berenguer
CFO - Chemetall SA - BASF Group

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There is no version to download of Coges KDati which means that I am unable to test the software. You still have to find a PC with Windows 10 and test the software that way.

The simplest way is to use a USB flash drive to transfer the file in the same location. After that, right click the main executable and choose Run as Administrator.

Secondly, right click the same executable (if something goes wrong) and go to Properties > Compatibility. Choose another Windows version (preferably the one that you currently use with Coges KDati) and tick the Run as Administrator as well.

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