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How can I recover Lost Roland d50 sounds?

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Where can I get the original D50 sounds from?

My Roland D50 dies when the battery went flat. I replaced the battery and it switches on OK, but all my sounds have been lost. The digital display only shows with a few blocks lit up, but no sounds info on the display. I have the original Roland card too but I cannot select sounds from the internal or external card bank. I would like to try using D50 librarian to reload the original sounds but where can I get the original sound bank from? Help please.

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I don't think you can download the default sound bank for the Roland D50, however if you conduct a search on Google for the D50 sound banks you'll find plenty websites with patchsets, additional sound banks, manuals, and other information that might be relevant to you.

Access the following link that was created especially to filter other results and display only what is relevant for you. You can then use D50 Librarian to manage your soundbanks and library.

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