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Android clipboard feature has major glitches

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I have the Droid Bionic and it's got a major glitch with the clipboard. Texts are randomly sent from my phone with text that has been stored to my clipboard. Today instead of getting the text I actually sent (which shows up on my phone), someone received the data I posted to the clipboard two months ago! I cannot find any way to clear out or uninstall Clipboard, or even view it.

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It seems there is a bug or something related which in this case you should use a Clipboard Manager to stay updated with the data stored on your clipboard. Use the application and clear all the unnecessary clipboard data. Also, if the Clipboard thing is actually an application, then make sure it doesn't automatically copy the data you select from various sources.

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I did install Clipboard Manager, and that ended the issue with my phone sending text messages with the text stored in the built-in clipboard. Unfortunately I broke that phone and when I received my replacement I had the same issue come up again, so I know this is a recurring problem with the Droid Bionic. The strange thing is, on my end the text looks normal, but the person who receives it has an entirely different message then what shows as sent on my phone, so I had no way of knowing what the other person was seeing or how often this happened (a major issue when you use your phone for work!). The guys in the store just scratched their heads over it.

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