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Optimizing PDF files.

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I have downloaded the Easy Document Creator, however the PDF files are so huge it becomes unbearable to send via email due to size.

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To reduce the size of the PDF files, simply tweak the output settings in the Easy Document Creator. You're probably using high quality settings and that's why the file sizes are so high. For PDF files, simply use 300 or 600 DPI for scanned documents, but 300 should be just fine and they're also print ready.

At these settings, the file should look just fine without any issues and the size will be compatible with most of the email services.

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PDF files can be excessively large. Fortunately, there are many easy-t0-use programs that can chop an oversized PDF down to something easier to email and share online. Here are four options that cover how to compress a PDF file and make it smaller.
1 Avoid scanning PDFs wherever possible
2 Save as “Reduced Size PDF”
3 Reduce the size as you save in Word
4.use iMyMac PDF Compressor--for free

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well, with the development of technology, more and more free online pdf compressor website are available, next time if you have compress pdf size, you can find some free online website. i use to compress my pdf through this way. hoping i can help you

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