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I accidentally discarded an Untitled Document. Is there any way to retrieve it?

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I had two windows active in Open Office. I unplugged the USB which had a DOC opened for printing. A dialogue box opened in another window which was a work-in-progress document, asking if I want to save and I clicked on the "No" button. Is there any way to retrieve the changes from that document? It is almost irreplaceable work and most of all it is very important to me.

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The Office applications have a feature called AutoRecovery but it is activated in case of a program error. When this happens, the software automatically saves a temporary copy for the time being and restores it when the software recovers completely. If the software asked you if you want to save the document and you clicked "no" then the content you have added was not saved and recovery is not possible.

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when you discard any thing it firstly goes in the recyclebin from where you can restore it but if you have empty recyclebin then if in your computer system a backup software is stored then it will help you to restore your deleted file or folder. Otherwise you should have to create another file to do your work.

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