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My Casmate Pro gone from being able to cut 22” Vinyl letters to an 18.75” maximum height cut.

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My 24” Graphtec plotter has, since I bought it and my Casmate Pro in ‘96, always been capable of cutting 22” letters until about a week ago. Now the maximum text height on the screen is only 18.75”. I don’t get it. Why would it do that? I’m wasting Vinyl waiting to get it fixed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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The reason why it's doing this might be related to bugs, errors or misconfiguration. I recommend checking the software that you use for this process, and eventually, reinstall it but not before you wipe its settings and configuration files.

Basically, you'll remove the software and then reinstall it. This could also be a issue with the way you've configured cutting. Check the cutting machine as well, especially if it's digital.

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